Star Maps #1 – Warren Oates

June 19, 2013

ImageWarren Oates is, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest actor that ever graced the medium of cinema. He continues to traipse across TVs via the medium of VHS, DVD, internet etc leaving a trail of cinders in his grizzled, charismatic wake. He was a thousand and one rebel clichés brought to life with vim and vigour.  A maverick rogue with a heart of gold. The raw, untethered romance that Oates embodied in life, real and otherwise, will never be seen again. Whether good guy or bad you could only ever be on Oates’ side.  He combined unbridled masculinity with the soul of a poet. This was a man in control of his destiny, restrained and resourceful in the heartiest of atmospheres. A stone cold genius. 

Warren Oates 5:

1)   Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia – Director: Sam Peckinpah

Oates’ perpetual loser takes a journey to hell on a search for riches and redemption.

2)   Cockfighter – Director: Monte Hellman

Hellman and Oates invite you into the willfully stubborn mind of a man who forsakes love for a misplaced and misguided sense of honour.

3)   Two-Lane Blacktop – Director: Monte Hellman

Oates at his most captivatingly beautiful. A cashmere bedecked bullshitter with no map nor purpose but a lust for drama and adventure.

4)   Race With The Devil – Director: Jack Starrett

Motor bikes, motor homes, devil worshippers, Peter Fonda and the man. Laconic boy racer defies the world to challenge his mid-life crisis.

5)   The Hired Hand – Director: Peter Fonda

Oates is the dependable best friend. The kind of man you would lay down your life for. Oates’ undimmed charisma may never fail to shine through but his quiet, unfussy performance is a beautifully understated gem in his filmography. 


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