Obscure Objects Of Desire

Meester Barnes – …Serves You Well (Ari & Yan Records)


In 1971 Meester Barnes invented industrial noise-rock. Imagine The United States Of America taking Nine Inch Nails bowling in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the year 3102. Trippy neon soundscapes intermesh with David Koresh jiving amidst banging, clanging guttural interference. They combusted with a faint autonomy six months after the release of …Serves You Well, leaving behind a culpable mystery no sane musicologist dare uncover.

Anyway let’s get down to molten brass tacks. The party gets off to a gory Manson party start with the fragile metallic lullaby, Where Is The Truth Mandingo? Its arcane percussive philosophy meanders bristling with hysterical squawks. It won’t be difficult getting lost in the grinding testicular monotony of He Who Hath Dined. An army of barelytuned acoustic guitars bombard dead crippled children with a callous cacophony of macho rutting. Hushed whispers phonetically share delicate secrets. We Talk To Racists is a factory in revolt. Flesh and steel melding, corrupting and destructing as vocalist Tim Britons chants in tongues.

…Serves You Well will deny you. It is Macbeth’s three witches scrabbling around in their trough scoffing at the lot of mankind’s abrupt fatalism.