Bratislavan Nod – You Have Been Proved Wrong (Etonite Favourites Records)

October 20, 2011

It happened last night. The wind was taken out of my sails. I stumbled around my bedroom spluttering. Coughing and twirling. It had started all so suddenly. And then it ended just as quickly, thick, warm blood spewing out of my mouth with the last wretched retch. It was absolutely no coincidence that the needle had at that very moment dropped with a body shattering collision onto the brutalist grey vinyl that encased Bratislavan Nod’s You Have Been Proved Wrong.

Power trio Bratislavan Nod attempted to deny existence. They refused to believe. Their petulant refusal to believe became their faith and foundation. They were young, arrogant trust fund rebels with a nagging ache in their heart. They knew nothing about anything and couldn’t care less about everything else. You Have Been Proved Wrong was their only album, a cosmic stab in the dark.

Album opener, These Pretty Little Girls Shouldn’t Be Smiling At You is an elderly lady’s voluble remonstration with a bus driver about the questionable conduct of a gang of teenage girls. All set to a fluffy bossa nova beat and the unpleasant crooning of a jaded heart attack. Blinded By Elephants Playing Beatles Songs Ever So Badly is elemental in its juddering wrath, bathed in Cream and Humble Pie with lashings of astral levity. As if that wasn’t enough (and it probably should be) Ticked Off With The Traditional Handshake is bigger than the Big Bang. Oliver Spite’s guitars glisten and glide with the precision of a freshly sharpened carving knife, Anthony Spite’s bass caves in the Golem’s skull and Benjamin Spite dives and dashes into his compact drum kit. It burns Emerson, Lake & Palmer at the ashes and consumes them alongside the blood of a thousand aching angels.

This really happened. It will never happen again. God willing.


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